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Building Capabilities
  • A Trailers

  • B Double Trailers

  • B Triple Trailer

  • Drop Deck Trailers

  • Multi Temp

  • Rigid Bodies

  • Drive-thru Combination


  • Freezer

  • Super Chiller

  • Chiller

  • Dry Freight

  • Meat Hanger

  • Double Stacker

WARRANTY — All Lucar trailers come with a 3 year warranty. Suspension and refrigeration units are covered by manufacturers' warranty.

CHASSIS– All Lucar Cargo Vans have a lightweight engineered full length chassis, which provides the backbone to our vehicles. It provides optimum strength, which is why our vehicles are often used in areas that have some of the harshest road conditions in Australia.


Freezer/Double Stacker (-28)

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Super Chiller (-18)

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Chiller (-4)

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Dry Freight Truck.jpg
Dry Freight (Ambient)

Flat deck or drop deck
Belly Boxes
Nose Cones
Roller Rear Doors, etc....

Meat Hangers (-4 to -28)

Meat rails are galvanised or stainless steel
Split transverse or Longitudinal
Transverse swing down and feeder rail.

Meat Hangers Truck.jpg
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